Saab 96 1/10 scale RC car

The winter of 2006 was long and cold. I was without a Saab, and I did not have the cash or the place to keep an old Saab. So what do you do instead? Build a smaller version of the car you want! but at least the small one was cheaper to maintain then the one i have today.

So how to start? Simply get hold of some blueprints, divide by 10 and start building. Front and rear axel and suspension  was taken from a Alfa Romeo GTV remote control car, the chassie was made out of aluminium. I had no idea of how to make the body, so i made a model in plaster. Then I made the fiberglass body on top of the model.

Seats and steering wheel was made out of aluminium and leather. Windows shaped out of perspex, and all the chrom on the car is polished aluminium.

Yes I know,  it is not 100% right in every way, I found out that making models can be pretty difficult so this was the best I could do:)

Now its in a box somewhere:) and the 10x bigger version is parked in the garage.


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