Norskabout_the_site.html is a website devoted to mainly Saab 96. However It also includes 92, 93 and 95.

Saab 99, 900 and 9000 are of course great cars too but this website is more about specific Saabs as opposed to general.

The reason that I made this website was due to the interest that I have of discovering other Saab enthusiasts and their cars.

On this website there are no rules regarding originality or creativity. This website is interested in people ideas and devotion.

This is a simple website. It is free to have your car displayed on it. There is no chat room or classifieds, however here you can view cars that have had a lot of time, money and effort spent on them. In addition to this you have the possibility to add an owners face to their car, if you so wish.

This website is absolutely not in competition with or

Since people have a lot of questions regarding  Saabs it would be helpful if your e mail address was visible, this is however optional.

If you do not wish to show your e mail address I can forward questions via this website.

I hope more people want to share their Saab projects and share pictures of their cars so we all can all see the cars that spend most of their time in garages.

Not all Saab owners have the possibility to attend Saab events, therefore on this website they get a chance to see what they ordinarily would miss out on.

This website is a small independent website.

I am a Saab enthusiast and make this in my spare time on my home computer.

This is the reason that text and images need to be e mailed directly to me so I can upload them.

If you want change anything regarding text or images just email me and I will make the changes.

It is possible to download a word document, from this website, which you can use to write all your information regarding you and your Saab.

This needs to be mailed to together with images.

All feedback, suggestions or criticism are greatly appreciated and accepted.